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Roy Williams

Prestige Wealth Management Group


31 NJ-12

Flemington, NJ 8822


(908) 379-8813


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Prestige Wealth Management Group offers hands-on, tailored financial services to help clients stay focused on their financial goals and achieve them through a thoroughly researched, disciplined approach. Our team of wealth advisors in NJ has more than one hundred years of experience in the industry and includes CFPs, ChFCs, CRPCs, CFAs and CPAs. Founded in 1994, Prestige Wealth Management Group offers retirement planning, financial planning, estate planning, investment planning, personalized CFO services, and many other services designed to help clients address their financial goals and objectives. We understand that every client's financial strategy is different, and our wealth advisors will assess and develop a strategy and ensure its execution. At every step, the client will have his or her undivided attention. In the end, our goal is to make sure every client gains the satisfaction of reaching a meaningful and purpose-driven financial future.

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