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Christian Miller,O.D.



1 Riverside Plaza

Hackettstown, NJ 7840




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Treatment & Management of Eye Disease, Learning Related Vision Problems, Eye Health Care, Children's Vision, Visual Perception and Development

We offer comprehensive, high quality eyecare to both physician referral and direct care patients.

We specialize in the following services:

* Comprehensive Eye Examinations, including Glaucoma and Cataract Care
* Co-management of Refractive Surgery
* Learning Related Vision Problems
* Tutoring for Reading and Learning Problems with a Certified Reading Specialist
* Computerized Peripheral Vision Testing
* Prompt Treatment of "pink eye," foreign bodies and corneal abrasions
* Orthoptics/Vision Therapy
* Binocular vision/Eye Training (Vision Therapy)

as well as

* Nutrition
* Health Research
* State of the Art Contact Lens Care and Training
* Personalized Eye Wear Consultations
* Distinctive Frames for Fashion, Sports, and Computer Users

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